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Lifeline Bible College welcomes you to the beginning of an amazing journey. Our faculty is not only eager to teach but also excited to help you in your faith wherever needed. 

Lifeline Bible College is a great place for those who are seasoned in the Word of God or for those just beginning. No matter what stage you are in your faith journey, there is a course ready and waiting for you. We hope to see you in our classrooms in the coming year.


Dr. Lisa Dorsey
Dean of School

Our Philosophy

Mission Statement


Lifeline Bible College is a biblically based institution of higher education providing a Christ-Centered Apostolic Pentecostal environment for academic and spiritual preparation of men and women in ministry for the building of the kingdom of God.




As a Spirit-filled community of higher education, Lifeline Bible College is dedicated to the preparation of men and women for effective Spirit-filled and Spirit-led leadership and Christ-like servant-hood in the Church and surrounding community. Under the authority of Scripture and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Lifeline Bible College seeks to fulfill its commitment to prepare believers for ministry through collegiate and graduate education, spiritual formation and professional development, and the integration of faith, learning, and Christian service. A multi-ethnic, and multi-cultural community, Lifeline Bible College integrates biblical, theological, practical ministry, and general studies to equip servant-leaders who are lifelong learners.

Our History

Lifeline Bible College began its journey as Lifeline Academy in 2006. Our Chancellor Dr. Charles Dorsey had a vision to have a school of higher learning. Students from weekly bible studies also desired to spend more time hearing, reading and studying the word of God. Weekly bible study is a great tool for learning in most churches. Out of that weekly study grows an appetite to learn and receive the Word of God. Lifeline Academy has allowed for any student to learn and grow at their own personal pace.  


This Christian school originated from a simple heart felt need for spiritual and scriptural teachings designed to bring growth and maturity in a person’s quest to know God and make Him known. It aims to lead its students to deeply spiritual experiences of Christ, and to recognize the indwelling presence and power of the Holy Spirit by the Word of God. 


In 2nd Timothy 2:15 we are exhorted to “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” The desire to hear truth, learn truth and share the truth has brought us to the exciting season of another school year for more truth. The first class started at the beginning in 2006 with Church History and eventually led into more advanced courses such as Greek, Hebrew and Hermeneutics. 


In 2014 Lifeline Academy became Lifeline Bible College (LBC). LBC has become a fully accredited school of higher learning.

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